Sponsored Project Supervision

  1. “TIFAC-Centre of Relevance and Excellence (CORE) in Fiber Optics and Optical Communication” at Delhi College of Engineering under “Mission Reach” program of Technology Vision 2020, Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC), Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India in association with Govt. of NCT of Delhi, Telecom and Instrument Industries. Rs. 255.00 Lakh during 2004-2007 and is being continued.
  2. “All Dielectric and Hybrid Nano-Antennas for multifunctional Sensors”- BRICS project (ITMO University, Russia, College of Optical Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, China and CSIR-CSIO, Chandigarh, India) through DST, Govt. of India, Rs 40.125 Lakh, 2017-2020 as PI
  3. “Solid tumor targeting using homing peptides and plasmonic photothermal technique” sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, Rs 201.00 Lakh for the period 2018-2021 as Co-PI
  4. “Design and Development of Autonomous Under Water Vehicle” at DCE Delhi with Financial and Technical support from Ministry of Earth Science, Govt. of India and National Institute of Ocean Technologies, Chennai and few industries. Rs 60.00 Lakh + instruments from Industry +Grant from ONGC during the period 2007-2013 and continued till date.
  5. “DST-FIST project grant for improvement of Science and Technology Infrastructure” , Applied Physics Department, Delhi Technological University, Delhi, Rs. 125.00 Lakh, 2012-2016 (PI as Head of Department till July 2012)
  6. “India –Tunisia, International Joint Project through DST and Ministry of Education, Republic of Tunisia on Design Modeling and Characterization of Highly Non-Linear Photonic Crystal Fibers for all Optical High Bit rate networks” as Co-PI along with PI Dr Ajit Kumar, Rs. 5.00 Lakh approx. 2013-2016
  7. “DST-RMES (Indo-Russian) Joint Research Program of Cooperation Project on “ All Dielectric, Plasmonic and Hybrid Photonic Nanostructures” as PI of Indian Team@DTU, Rs. 65.54 Lakh, 2014-2017
  8. “Indo-Portuguese International Joint Research Project through DST and Foundation for Science and Technology, Portugal on “Graphene based Flexible, Transparent Electrodes for Organic Light Emitting Diodes and Photovoltaic’s” as Co-PI, Rs 5.29 Lakh+hospitality, 2014-2017
  9. “DST-RFBR (Indo-Russian) Joint Research Project on “ From Plasmonic and Dielectric to Hybrid Nanoantennas: Novel approaches to control Electromagnetic waves and Light” as PI of Indian Team@DTU, Rs 22.56 Lakh, 2015-2017
  10. “Characterization of Photonic Crystal fibers from Telecom and sensing Applications: Theory & Experiment”, Major Research project of University Grants Commission, Govt. of India, Rs 10.428 Lakh during the period 2010-2013
  11. “External electric field effect on the Photoinduced charge transfer dynamics” sponsored by BRNS, Department of Atomic Energy, Rs. 17.50, 250/ during period 2012-2015, as Co-PI along with PI Dr M.S. Mehata.
  12. “Modeling and Simulation of High Power Laser”, CARS Project from LASTEC-Delhi, Defence Research and Development Organization, Govt. of India, Rs. 10.00 Lakh for the year 2015-2016.
  13. “Photonic Design Center” under National Program on Micro and Smart Systems (NPMASS) towards establishment of National MEMS Design Centers Network. Coordinator of DCE/DTU Delhi initiated by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, as Coordinator since 2010-2015.
  14. “Out Reach project sponsored by International Society of Optical Engineering (SPIE) USA on “Propagation of Education and Research among teachers of Engineering Colleges” US $ 3000/ 2011-2012
  15. “Studies of Propagation Characteristics of Photonic Crystal Fibers and waveguides for Telecom and Sensing Applications”, R&D Project sponsored by AICTE, 2003-2007, Rs. 5.00 Lakh
  16. “Design & Development of Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) Optical Communication systems”, R&D project sponsored by AICTE, 1997-2000, Rs. 5.00 Lakh.
  17. “Characterization of Optical Fibers for Telecommunication & Sensor Systems”, TAPTEC project sponsored by AICTE at REC Hamirpur, 1997-2000, Rs. 7.00 Lakh.
  18. “Studies of Broadband Optical Communication Systems”, R&D project sponsored by AICTE at REC Hamirpur during 1996-1998, Rs 7.00 Lakh.
  19. “Design and Development of Fiber Optic Sensors”, Sponsored by Centre of Excellence (COE) grant of MHRD, Govt. of India at REC Hamirpur during 1996-1997. Rs. 1.20 Lakh.
  20. “Design of self supporting, nonmetallic aerial fiber optic cable for hilly regions & development of automated test setup for the measurement of optical characteristics vis-à-vis the environmental variations”- Development project supported by telecom-company HFCL at REC Hamirpur-1995-1996.
  21. “Modeling of Erbium Doped Optical Fiber Amplifier” sponsored by UGC, Govt. of India at BITS Pilani-1993-1994
  22. “Experimental Characterization and Simulation of Optical Waveguides and Devices” sponsored by UGC, Govt. of India at BITS Pilani-1992- 1993